Want to learn a little more about Piper Street's owners Jenni and Sarah??  Now's your chance!  Here's a few fun facts!
Name: Jenni (aka "mom", "Jen")
Hometown: Nor Cal
How tall are you? 5' 5 1/2" tall
Hobbies: Running, working out, blogging, shopping, hanging out with my boys
What make-up do you use? Clinique, Bare Escentuals, MAC and Maybelline mascara (I swear by cheap mascara)
Weakness: Patience...I'm super impatient...it's a work in progress!!
Biggest Passion: Family and Fashion
Current Favorite Song: "Feel So Close" by Calvin Harris (great song to run to!)
Favorite Movie: The Holiday
Can't live without: Extra Peppermint gum...I go through several packs a week!
Favorite Family Vacation: We took a family trip to London, Paris and Belgium for spring break last year and it was AMAZING!
Favorite Bloom: Gerber Daisies
Places you've lived: California, Utah, Alaska, Texas, Ohio
Weekend Happiness: Sleeping in, going for a run, playtime with the family, date night with the hubs and always church on Sunday
Style Icons: Kate Middleton, Kelly Ripa and Blake Lively are a few of my favorites!
Where I'd rather be: San Francisco, NYC or the beach
Signature Item: Statement Necklaces 
Dislikes: Vegetables
Quote I live by: "You can do hard things"
A cool fact about me: I am the only girl in my family (all brothers) and now I have all boys myself!  
Name: Sarah
Hometown: I grew up in southeast Texas but moved to central Texas in high school
How tall are you? 5' 5"
Hobbies: I enjoy sewing - but could use more lessons. Exercising and playing with my kids are my other hobbies.
What make-up do you use?  I love make-up but this is where I am a bargain shopper. I use Loreal mineral make-up and Garnier BB cream.
Weakness: I have lots of them but mostly I am on my phone too much!
Biggest Passion: Family, Faith, Fashion
Favorite Current Song: I Will Wait by Mumford and Sons
Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
Can't live without: St. Tropez sunless tanner
Favorite Family Vacation: Santa Rosa Beach, Florida
Favorite Bloom: Daisy
Places you've lived: Texas, Utah, California, Ohio - Jenni and I lived in the same small town in California but years apart and we lived in Provo, UT at the same time but didn't know each other! Crazy how close our worlds have been!
Weekend Happiness: Just relaxing with my family. A date with my hubby, watching the kids play sports, and a family movie night to round it out. I love going to church as a family every Sunday too.
Style Icons: Right now Kate Middleton and fashion bloggers Blair Eadie, Rachel Parcell, Amber Fillerup, Cara Van Brocklin and the list goes on.
Where I'd rather be: At my parent's ranch house in Texas or the beach.
Signature Item: Probably my big hair!
Dislikes:  Winter
Quote I live by: The way you live your life today is the way you live your life.
A cool fact about me: I have 10 brothers and sisters! I'm the 4th.