It's true, 2 years ago this week we launched Piper Street! What an adventure and whirlwind it has been.  We've learned so much and have done things we never thought we'd do.  Our confidence and abilities have been put to the test and we've made our fair share of mistakes, but we wouldn't trade it for anything. Getting to know you ladies has been the sweetest part of the ride and we hope you know how much your support means to us!  

Like many of you, we are two mamas who give our all in every area of life. From room moms to soccer sideline cheerleaders, to church volunteers, and neighborhood car poolers our lives keep us on the run and like you, we don't want to lose who we are along the way.  In starting Piper Street we knew that there was something about getting up in the morning and getting dressed in a cute outfit that could change the day - maybe it's silly, but in the words of Anne Shirley, "It is ever so much easier to be good if your clothes are fashionable." And with that mindset we began Piper Street.

Many have asked us how our friendship has changed since beginning a business together.  I am happy to report that it is stronger than ever.  We don't think starting a business together is for everyone, but we happen to be very hard workers, willing to admit when we are wrong (which is often), quick to point out our weaknesses, and excited to contribute our strengths.  What makes Piper Street work boils down to equal parts of confidence and humility with a big dose of fun!

We hope you'll continue this journey with us - it won't be the same without you!

The Party This Week:

Monday: 20% Off All Dresses and Skirts with code: BDAYDRESS20

Tuesday: 20% Off All Tops with code: BDAYTOP20

Wednesday: 20% Off All Jeans with code: BDAYJEANS20

Thursday: 20% Off All Cardigans with code:BDAYCARD20


We also have Gift Card Giveaways on Instagram and Facebook so check us out!


Sarah and Jenni

PS - Funny but true fact, we did not know how to ship all of our orders when we first started. We were creating labels one by one; which was mind-numbing. When we wheeled the packages into the Post Office, we got chewed out!  We wanted to cry - apparently we were supposed to call the Post Office first.  Luckily the day we launched a HUGE campaign and sold hundreds of dresses we got a phone call from a company that handles shipping.  It changed our life!