Denim and fall go together like PB&J! I wear jeans all the time and up until this season the skinny fit has been my daily go-to. But times, they are a changing...the flair is back in a big way this year and we’re loving it! Sarah and I have both been switching out our skinnies a few times a week for flairs and love that this style has creeped back in because not only do flairs make your legs look long and lean but the 70’s vibe they bring to any look is so fun to play with!


"Easton" coat, "Briar" top, "Presley" jeans

"Easton" coat/ "Briar" top/ "Presley" jeans


When wearing flairs there are a few things to remember:

1. Make sure they don’t look like high-waters (a long inseam is perfect to wear heels with—33-34” inseam is perfect for most body types).

2. Pair your flares with a pair of heeled or wedged shoes. The bottom hem of the flairs should just skim the ground so make sure your heels are at least 3-4" tall.

3. Go with a pretty average size flair leg opening—21-23” is a pretty average leg opening where it looks like a good “flair” but isn’t too large that it’s overwhelming to your frame.

4. Make sure your flairs actually start flaring right at the bottom of the knee…nothing higher. Quick tip...baggy knees just aren’t that cute.

5. Generally speaking pairing flairs with something up top that is a little more fitted is universally flattering. The proportions will look great together! Some people love the look of wearing a more flowey top with flares and that can look good too, just play around with the proportions a little to make sure your frame isn't overwhelmed by too much volume up top.

 If you’re ready to jump into flairs feet first give our new “Presley” jeans a try! These flairs are perfection and have the best fit…you’ll love them!

Here's a few of our favorite looks with our "Presley" jeans:

"Aspen" jacket / "Jenna" top/ "Presley jeans

"Aspen" jacket / "Jenna" top/ "Presley jeans

"Delaney" blanket scarf, "Presley" jeans

"Delaney" blanket scarf / "Presley" jeans

"Langley" top, "Eve" top, "Presley" jeans

"Langley" cowl neck top/ "Eve" top/ "Presley" jeans

Have you jumped on the flair bandwagon?

What are you waiting for...go for it!!!

We dare you!