Our "Quinn" tunic is one of the most versatile pieces we have in the shop right now! I love how I can mix and match other pieces from my closet with it to make it more dressy for date night or more on the casual side for running errands throughout the holidays. I dove into my closet the other day to see just how many ways I could style it and was amazed at how versatile it really is!  I came up with nine different looks and honestly could have kept going! 
Quinn Tunic Styled Nine Ways:
Center: "Alex" Pants
Right: Scarf sold out but use "Bethany" Scarf to get same look / "Alex" Pants
Left: "Lola" Top sold out but use "Langley" Top to get same look
As you can see it doesn't take much to completely change the look of this tunic. You can take these same ideas and apply it to any tunic you have hanging in your closet! 
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Happy Holidays!!!