Our Top 5 Style Resolutions to Up Your Game in 2016

Did you make New Year’s Resolutions?? If you know me, then you know I love goals…so Jan 1st is one of my favorite days, although my husband has drawn the line at me setting resolutions for him. Am I the only wife that says things like, “What? I just want to help you be your best! And yes, giving more compliments is a reasonable goal! And you would be sooo good at guitar!” ;-) Guess I can’t blame him.

So beyond the normal health, family, and organizational goals have you set any style resolutions?? It’s a great time to evaluate how you present yourself to the world and to push yourself…at least a little. Need a little inspiration to get started?

Here are my Top 5 Style Resolutions for 2016:

1. Let it go…

I am terrible about hanging on to things that I think I *might* wear later. From cardigans that looked good on the model but not on me to dresses that are no longer in style but once made me feel pretty, I hold on to too many pieces that need to find a new home. So this year I resolve to clean out my closet and then turn my hangers backwards…once I wear an item I turn the hanger the right direction and any hanger that is still pointing the wrong direction in six months means that clothing item gets donated. Have you heard this trick before? It’s one that I used for my clients when I was a Personal Stylist and it truly helps you to realize how rarely you wear some of your clothing.

Now don’t toss those pieces in the trash, there are lots of wonderful organizations that could use your clothing for women in need. Some of our favorites are:

1. https://www.dressforsuccess.org

2. http://bottomlesscloset.org

3. Search for women’s shelters in your area and give them a call, they can get your donations into the hands of someone who can’t afford new or even second-hand clothing.

2. Try new colors…

In the past I was all about the black and grey but in the last few years I’ve embraced color! My problem is that I tend to choose the same color palette over and over again. I choose lots of teal, turquoise, blue, grey, and white…exciting right?! Last summer Piper Street sold a neon lime/yellow blouse that scared me silly until I tried it on! I was in shock that I could actually wear such bright color. My husband even complimented me, saying I looked really great in it…to his surprise too. So this year I resolve to buy more colors that I don’t usually try and to throw away the old idea that I only look good in one color palette.

3. 2016 is a Red Lipstick Revolution!

Just like getting stuck in my blue, grey, turquoise color rut; I had completely given up on wearing bright lipstick. I’ve been in the “pale/nude/barely-there” club for a decade or more. During our Marathon Black Friday Shopping Adventure (more like exhausted but just keep walking kind of a morning haha), Jenni suggested we go into Sephora to talk to a particular employee who knows her red lipstick and try on some shades. It sounded like fun but I did not think I would be persuaded to purchase…it makes me look old I thought. It took Val about 2 tries to find my go-to red and I was sold! Then she proceeded to give me a few more options and let me tell you that the girl knows her stuff! I left with 3 Nars lipsticks that I have worn almost daily since. I’m a convert and have joined the club, my testimonial is that bright lipstick will definitely brighten your smile and your morning routine! Since then two more friends have gone with Jenni and me to find their perfect shade - they converted too! It doesn’t matter how full or thin your lips are, if you smile then you can wear bright lipstick…quote me on it! ;-)

4. Try a New Trend

Hold up, we are focusing on a lot of new things aren’t we? Not sure if I can commit to one more but if you will then I will. Confession Time: The truth is that most of my friends prefer words like “comfortable” and “practical” when it comes to clothing but my taste lends to “over-dressed” and “where are you going in those sequins” types of comments. “Hi, I’m Sarah and I am a chronic over-dresser.” I know it and I don’t think I will ever change…BUT I can try something new. And you may laugh, but new for me will be embracing more “sporty” styles. You see I feel comfortable…and I personally think that is a mental word so I should say I feel more like myself when I am dressed up and have on heels, even if I am just at home doing laundry. Yep, I am a strange one. So my style trend that I am going to try this year is more casual, less intentional perhaps?? What is your style rut and what trend do you want to try?? I’d love to see how you push yourself out of your comfort zone so tag #PiperStreetStyle when you do! You’ll give me some added motivation to push myself!


Don’t you love that I didn’t say “exercise”?! I can totally get behind this New Year’s Resolution! Just throw on a necklace, stack some bracelets, or even a scarf!  I promise that adding that finishing touch will up your game and the best part is that you can find darling pieces at inexpensive prices. When you evaluate the “Cost Per Wear” of jewelry you’ll find that you can get a lot usage out of a small price tag making it a “no-brainer” right?!

At Piper Street we are so excited for this new year and are so grateful for your continued support and loyalty to our brand. We can’t wait to show you more great pieces at affordable prices throughout 2016! We wish you all the happiness this year can bring!